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When Jewish people were obligated to take surnames in the early 19th century, they often chose ornamental names.  The prefix Wein- meaning "wine" and the suffix -stein meaning "mountain," were often used in these Jewish ornamental names.  Sometimes Weinberg was not the actual surname back home and was simply chosen on arrival. 

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Weinbergs emigrated to America from a number of countries, but in greatest numbers from Germany, Russia, and Poland.   These countries were the main countries of Jewish settlement and Yiddish culture in central and eastern Europe in the 19th century.   The Weinberg name became particularly prominent in Jewish circles in the areas known as Dolyna in Ukraine and Dolina in Galicia.  The name was invariably Jewish in America but not necessarily.

America.  Benedict Weinberg came to Charleston, South Carolina from Westphalia in 1830 at the age of thirty.

"His reminiscences of his early life often afforded much entertainment.  In 1814 when but fourteen years of age, he joined the Prussian army and was at the Battle of Waterloo and would often relate details of that hard fought battle.  He was also a schoolmate of Emperor William I."

He lived on in America to the age of ninety one.

The peak years for Weinberg immigration were from 1890 to 1910.  They came mainly to the cities of the East.  Among these Weinbergs were:
  • Sidney Weinberg, who was born to a poor Jewish family in Brooklyn in 1891.  He started at the bottom at Goldman Sachs and rose to the top.  Two of his sons and one of his grandsons also held high positions at Goldman Sachs.
  • Morris and Celia Weinberg, who arrived from Russia in 1893 and settled in Chicago.
  • another Morris Weinberg, also from Russia, who came via Glasgow in 1906 and settled in Brookyn.  He was by trade a shoemaker.
  • and Harry Weinberg, who came from Hungary as a young boy with his family to Baltimore in 1912.  He was a canny investor during the Depression, buying up under-valued assets, and later set up with his wife the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.
Weinbergs have been in Galveston, Texas since at least 1860.  Otto Weinberg and his family died in the Galveston flood of 1900.  In 1904 Fritz Weinberg bought the Rosehill farm near Houston.  It is now run by the sixth generation of Weinbergs.  

South Africa.  Eli Weinberg had come to South Africa from Latvia in 1929.  He and his daughter Sheila were activists during the anti-apartheid years.  Another Weinberg from Latvia became one of South Africa’s top insurance salesmen in the years prior to World War Two.  Son Mark Weinberg made his fortune in life insurance in England.

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Select Weinberg Names

Noah Weinberg who died in 2009 was a Jewish rabbi and father of today's baal teshuva movement. 
Sidney Weinberg was the long-time leader of Goldman Sachs, nicknamed "Mr. Wall Street" by the New York Times
Mark Weinberg from South Africa has been a leader in the life insurance industry in England.
Max Weinberg is an American drummer and band leader who has played with Bruce Springsteen and on the Tonight TV show.

Select Weinbergs Today
  • 300 in the UK (most numerous in London)
  • 5,000 in America (most numerous in New York)   

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